CORESafety System: Occupational Health

Treating health on par with safety by:

  • Anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling occupational health hazards leading to illness.
  • Applying appropriate new technologies, with an emphasis on exposure assessment and medical surveillance.


Worksite Handbook
Worksite Handbook for module 13 – forms, check-lists and documentation for use on the job site.

Examples of participating company procedures and permits

Drug and Alcohol Policy
This document outlines ways to ensure a drug- and alcohol-free workplace.

Hearing Conservation Program
This document establishes minimum standards to preserve and protect the hearing of workers exposed to noise in order to minimize hearing loss.

Industrial Hygiene
This document establishes minimum standards for industrial hygiene hazards and associated risks, focusing on how they are communicated, anticipated, identified, evaluated and controlled.

Medical Programs
This document provides standard operating procedures to limit harm to employees due to health risks they face while working on the mine site. This includes pre-employment and routine medical examinations that may prevent medical problems from arising and help identify employees with an increased risk for complicated medical problems.

Personal Protective Equipment & Rules Compliance
This document establishes minimum standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to protect exposed personnel from potential health hazards on the site and to ensure that the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment use are well documented.