CORESafety System: Culture Enhancement

This module includes:

  • Identifying desired safety culture characteristics.
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Developing and implementing a culture improvement plan.


Worksite Handbook
Worksite Handbook for module 7 – forms, check-lists and documentation for use on the job site.

Examples of participating company procedures and permits

Mining Safety Culture Attributes
This document helps assess the strong correlation between companies with certain organizational culture attributes, or “enablers”, and safety performance excellence.

Culture Safety Interpretation Guidance
This document is an important tool to help assess the safety culture or climate in your organization. This survey about safety culture attributes is a good way to determine employees’ views of the company’s safety culture.

Culture Survey Sample
This document is a sample survey that can be conducted to evaluate employees’ perceptions of the organization’s culture, safety and leadership.

Safety Meetings
This document provides guidelines to significantly and effectively improve communications in work areas, helping to reduce misunderstandings and improve awareness of safety and health subjects in order to prevent accidents from occurring.